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For over 20 years, Lido Motors USA and Western Golf Cars has been setting the standard in golf course transportation and neighborhood electric vehicles. The Western and Lido Motors line of golf cars and electric vehicles stretches from modest and practical to elegant and luxurious, all at very competitive prices.

Every vehicle is handmade using state-of-the-art craftsmanship and exceptional design and only use the highest quality components. Our custom fiberglass bodies are designed and engineered to provide uncommon style and many years of trouble-free enjoyment.

At Lido Motors USA we're experts at custom designed vehicles.  We've designed custom golf cars for many well known personalities, from professional athletes like Deion Sanders and Al Unser Jr. to recording stars like Michael Jackson.  If we don't have exactly what you want, we can create it for you! 

Golf Cars

The Western model 400 or the four passenger 400 2+2 yields the best quality/value in the industry. The custom carpeting, seat upholstery and body design provide exceptional style. Comfort of ride and usage is enhanced by the 48 volt power system, electronic speed controller and on board charging system. While features such as the built in ice chest, front storage trunk and custom steering wheel provide enhanced functionality. Both models are certified as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles so will provide exceptional value on and off the course.

The world’s premier luxury golf car is the Western Elegante LX. With the Hi- Performance A/C Drive system it is the most powerful smoothest riding golf car ever built. To make your round of golf even more enjoyable the Elegante LX comes with an adjustable driver’s seat, built in ice chest, CD AM/FM stereo and numerous other features to add to your comfort and enjoyment. The Elegante LX is certified as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle so with its flip down rear seat will provide luxury on and off the course.


The most Elegant and practical Neighborhood Vehicle for the way you live today is the Lido LS. Charge the Lido LS on a standard household outlet, then drive for up to 40 miles. The Lido LS is designed with luxury and simplicity, taking you from shopping, dining and almost anywhere around town, except the gas station. The Lido LS has room for four, plus plenty of storage for your groceries and recreational equipment.

For those of us who desire something different from the norm, the Lido Runabout is our answer. This hot little pick-up truck look-a-like is just the vehicle for cruising around town. The adjustable front custom seats, custom steering wheel and AM/FM CD stereo provide the features necessary for a luxury ride. The locking front trunk and rear storage bed provide functionality for supply runs and neighborhood deliveries.

Fun & Function

Lido Motors will customize a vehicle for you that is fun and functional for your vacation and holiday time. We have styling that fits your fun time requirements whether at the beach, lake, river or mountains. Our vehicles provide a fun look and ride with functionality to move you and your gear around any area. The vehicles will travel 25 mph and have a range of up to 40 miles and with easy on-board charging via a standard electrical outlet your possibilities are virtually unlimited.  We can qualify many of our Fun and Function vehicles as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle which will add to the possibilities.


Lido Motors has a selection of personnel and burden carriers that can be customized for your particular requirements. We have a selection of six and eight passenger people movers that offer the famous Western/Lido styling and functions. In addition, we can provide a wheel chair transport mechanism on our eight passenger Lido Limo. We also manufacture flat bed burden carriers that can be adjusted to your requirements.